Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Participant Interview - Kara

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First Name: Kara

State/Country: Chicago, IL

Blog Name & AddressKara's 365

Camera, Equipment and Editing Program you use: I use my Christmas present from my husband a couple years back. A Sony a300. I love it! I have the 75-300mm zoom, 18-70mm, and 50mm lenses. I would definitely love a 24-70mm! Or an 85 mm, or some sort of macro lens.. Hmm.. some day! :)

I only use Photoshop Elements 7. I was so happy to find "photoshop" at Costco, I thought that was the real one. It works excellent for what I do, so unless a better one falls in my lap, I'm happy! I will also try the lightroom trial soon. Anyone want to give tips on that?

Tell us a bit about you/family/life: I was born/raised in WA state. That is what I still call home. That may seem a little strange since I've been in Chicago for 18 years. But, I met a guy in CA that I had to marry, whom I didn't know was from Chicago at the time, and the rest is history. My husband is a firefighter for the city here, I stay at home and we home school the youngest kids.  The oldest is a soph. at a high school in a near suburb. We have 3 children. Girl 16, Boy 13, and Girl  9. We literally run from morning to night. While the oldest started off in dance and acting, the second followed with acting and modeling, we now are consumed with kids in sports of all kinds. Softball, travel baseball, and another moving on from wanting to try soccer and basketball. Why oh why can't they all do the same thing? (kidding - I just have to learn another sport's rules)

How many years have you participated in a 365 Project? My first year! I was intimidated when a friend asked me to do this the year before, and I've seen how her business has taken off as a result. She inspires me!

How has it helped you expand your photography and see things differently? I pretty much summed it up in one of my blog posts. I think I can honestly say, photography has helped me look at the the details in not only our new spring growth, but it changes your mind. It changes how you look at everything. I am thankful to look at the world, God's amazing creation, with a little more detailed mindset and more appreciate the things I would have just flippantly passed by!

What are your strengths and weaknesses in photography? Strengths: Not giving up. Being dedicated to what I love, and not stopping until I get there. It just may be at a slower pace than most due to mommyhood. I love landscapes, colors, children, beautiful lighting.. those are the things I love to capture.

Weaknesses: Confidence. Sometimes I just sit back and look at what I *could* be doing, instead of perfecting what *I'm* doing. I want to get my business off the ground in a really good way. I live around a ton of people, but I haven't really put myself out there. I'm almost too scared to take off. Why? I don't know! I want to..

Are you aspiring to be a Pro someday, or just wanting to learn your camera/photography better? I would SO enjoy that! I have started (slowly) a business. I take photos by word of mouth and some friends have hired me. I've taken some friends just for fun, and for learning, but I'd love to develop a better understanding of the business side of this.

If you have been participating in the Sunday Assignments and/or any of the other Monthly Challenges, have they challenged you? What has been your favorite? I have not. I'm so proud just getting a photo out for the day. When I get my bearings and if I do this next year, I might take a little more on my plate. Sometimes this is overwhelming to me with everything else in life, but I'm plugging along!

I'm new to blogging, stop by and say hi!

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Nice to get to know you better!

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You are doing great and have a natural eye.

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