Monday, June 27, 2011

Mommytography 365~June 2011 Image

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Taken by: A. Sherwood, TX of My Photography Space

Tracy said on choosing this image: What beautiful light! The details are marvelous and I love the delicate flowers. A frame-worthy shot. Congrats Mrs. Sherwood, your photography has  come a LONG way!
A. Sherwood said on taking this image: 
I was walking down of the side road when I saw those little tiny white wild flowers. I stopped and took a shots but this photo is the one that I like most because of the softness and the blur. I also love the details of the flowers. I mean this is really tiny flowers and thanks to the macro lens! I edited it PSE9. I lighten up the shadow to 25% and unsharp mask to 50 %, radius 1.0 pixel and threshold 0. That’s all!

Camera Settings-

Camera:    Canon EOS 7D
Mode:   Aperture Priority
F/stop:  f’2.8   
SS:       1/1250
ISO:      400
WB:      Auto


Kristal said...

Congrats - it is a great imagine!

Ladynred said...

Thank you so much Tracy and Kristal. I'm so trilled!

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