Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flickr Reminder!

Flickr by mommytography365, on Pix-O-SphereThis is your friendly reminder to add 1-3 of YOUR BEST images that you have taken from March 26th until today. You have until MIDNIGHT tonight to load them up so they will be eligible for the Showcased Image of the Month here at the M365 Blog.

And as many of you have learned by loading them or missed out on, by NOT loading them last year is... this helps GREATLY in all the end of the year assignments and blog posts everyone loves to do wrapping up their year and celebrating the end of the Project. When you have loaded 1-3 of YOUR BEST images from the month 3 things happen:

#1 One of your images may be showcased!
#2 You have spent a few minutes each month reviewing your 25 images and chosen the BEST out of them. So, in the end process instead of 365 to choose from you only have 12-36!
#3 This is a GREAT place for everyone to comment on each others BEST images!!! So, if you don't get to visit every one's blogs/images everyday or weekly through a Reader, you can AT THE LEAST see and comment on their BEST! :)

If you are not already apart of our Flickr group:
You must have your own Flickr account and then ask to be invited to  Mommytography 365 Project Group. Once you upload 1-3 images to your own account there is a Action tab that allows you to submit the images one at a time to group.

Let me know if you need further instructions. ~ Tracy


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